Below are our most frequently asked questions. Click on a question to read the answer. If your question is not in the faq, please contact us by email.

There is no catch. The total amount of costs consists out of:

  • The fee for calling to fixed/local numbers (depending on your provider)
  • Our accessnumber fee mentioned on the website

If you have a cheap subscription for calling to fixed numbers, it will also be really cheap using our service to call abroad without international costs.

The call will be charged on your phone bill. There are no payments directly through Paypal, creditcard or other services.

In some rare cases it is possible that a certain number does not match a destination in the destination list. This is because that number you want to call is a lot more expensive compared to the other numbers that belong to the same destination. In that case, you will hear the right access number to call. You can always search the right access number and its fee on this website.

There are a lot of benefits:

  • Easy: no pincodes or logins
  • Clear instructions how to call cheap abroad
  • Cheap: mobile or fixed connection, it's never too expensive
  • High quality: by using high quality connections

We can not always guarantee that your call will succeed in connecting, just like other providers cannot do so either. This is because the connection is dependant on the quality of international connections, the presence of the person you want to call, etc. But we can say that we will do everything we can to offer you the best service.

We buy call minutes in a smart and profitable way (wholesale) to make sure our costs are as low as possible. We do not have expensive buildings, a lot of staff and we do not need to send you a bill.

It depends what type of phone you use (mobile or fixed phone) and to which number you are calling. Mobile telecom providers often charge 1 euro per minute for international calls. Using our service is a lot cheaper! We recommend you to find out and compare your own telecom provider fees with ours. You will be pleasantly surprised!

Yes, there are no restrictions. Everyone can call using a fixed or mobile phone.

Nope, you can start using this service right away. We do not believe in registration processes or using difficult PIN-codes. We keep it simple and cheap.

No, you can use our service without restriction, but we do end calls that exceed a 60 minute duration. After the call is terminated, you can just call again.

There are some other competitors offering the same type of service. Our biggest benefits are:

  • You can call almost everyone on the planet for a low price
  • We use high quality networks
  • You do not need to register or use a pincode; you can call right away

So basically, our service is a cheap and easy way to call abroad!